The Vision of Premier Group Sports (PGS) is to become a leading provider in active participation sports, related events and marketing initiatives which promote general health and well-being in Qatar and the wider region.

  • Trust

    Trust is at the core of our initiative including building trust with our clients (parents and children alike), our coaches and our stakeholders so that they all know they can rely on the programme and that the program respects and values each child.
  • Accountability

    We strive to instill accountability for everyone who is involved in PGS by demonstrating through example, taking responsibility for their actions and teaching the children to act as such. We seek out to develop leaders in our community who lead through example.
  • Consistency

    In a service industry where there is little consistency, PGS will aim to create a buffer for our clients to never experience this norm and shall only promise that we honour their trust and they shall always be able to rely on our services and facilities.
  • Availability

    As far as possible, we shall always try to be there for our children in the services that we offer, in the need for contact and support. Our goal is to have our communication channels always open, be it personal or electronic, and maintain accessibility at all times.