• Preamble
    • I am aware that it is advisable to consult a doctor or physician before undertaking any physical activity.
    • By agreeing to this Waiver, I give consent to all people added to my in Premier Group Sports WLL (PGS) account in becoming a member of PGS programmes henceforward. During the membership period, I consent to those registered on my account to participate in all activities and events organised or attended by PGS.
    • I understand that all those enrolled on my PGS account must have their own medical insurance to participate in such activities and/or events.
    • I warrant that I, and/or my dependents (registered members) do not suffer from any permanent or temporary medical condition and/or incapacity which may impair mine and/or my dependents ability to use and participate in the activities and services and further, that I, and/or my dependents do not suffer from any heart condition, epilepsy, allergies, skeletal conditions, spinal, history of sport injury or any other medical condition which may result in mine and/or my dependents potentially placing myself and/or my dependents in a position of risk by participating in the activities/services.
    • I understand that PGS reserves the right to deny access to its facilities if any of the members within my account are deemed by the management of PGS to have failed to comply with any guidelines/instructions or if it considers that I or anyone associated with my PGS account is unfit and/or an immediate risk to others.
    • I agree to PGS Venue Generic Safety & Security Guidelines that shall be in place to keep everyone safe and keep the training environment beneficial:
      All members must arrive and leave the venue with, as a minimum, T-shirt and shorts/dress and flip-flops on. All members to respect the local customs and traditions of the country we live in.
      Appropriate sport-wear and clothing must be worn at all times, for the relevant activity, taking safety into consideration. All jewelry must be removed before engaging in any physical activity.
      All clothes changing should take place in the changing rooms provided
      Members should not enter field of play / court / swimming pool until PGS coaching staff invites them to do.
      Whilst waiting, noise should be kept to a minimum so as not to interrupt other training taking place.
      All members must wait within the vicinity of the training facility and not roam freely around the premises or use any equipment.
      Members under the age of 11 must be picked up directly from the training area / court / swimming pool by a parent or guardian whom must be present a minimum of five minutes before the scheduled end of session. These members must not leave unaccompanied. No child should be left unsupervised.
      No eating 30 minutes before engaging in physical activity.
      No food or drink to be brought on to training – with the exception of water in a plastic bottles or sports bottle.
      Spectators must stay in the designated areas.
      All facilities must be left tidily with all rubbish disposed of.
  • Waiver
    • In consideration to the primary and family members registered and participating in PGS activities, I further agree to indemnify and hold harmless PGS and its directors, officers, employees, agents, volunteers, participants, and all other person or entities acting for them, on behalf of myself and my children, parents, heirs, assigns, personal representative and estate from any claims alleging negligence which are brought by or on behalf of minor or are in any way connected with such participation by minor.
    • I recognize that participating in PGS activities involves known and unanticipated risks which could result in physical or emotional injury, paralysis or permanent disability, death, and property damage. Risks include, but are not limited to, broken bones, torn ligaments or other injuries. I understand such risk cannot be eliminated, despite the use of safety equipment, without jeopardizing the essential qualities of the activity.
    • I understand that it is the express intent of PGS programmes to provide for the safety and protection of myself and my registered child and, in consideration for allowing my child(ren) to exercise in these facilities, I hereby forever release PGS, its officers, employees, teachers, and coaches, from all liability for any and all damages and injuries suffered by my child, family member while under the supervision, instruction, or control of the PGS Programmes.
    • I understand that no responsibility will be accepted by PGS Aquatics for loss or damage to the property or valuables of the registered members on my account, even if such items are left in the locker(s) provided in the specific venue(s).
    • I understand that photography and video-photography taken by spectators in any venue will be discouraged by PGS staff and spectators will be warned against publication of these photographs and videos in written or public form. If you become aware that these images are being used inappropriately you should inform a PGS staff member immediately. I hereby forever release PGS, its officers, employees, teachers, and coaches, from all liability for publication of members’ photos/videos that have been recorded by spectators and/or fellow parents.
    • I understand that photography and video-photography of lessons/training sessions may be taken by the PGS coaches, staff or a third party that they appoint for the purpose of coach education, member feedback and documentary purposes. PGS will take all steps to ensure these are used solely for the purposes they are intended and in accordance to specific waivers recorded on PGS membership registration.
    • PGS may provide emergency services as it shall deem appropriate in its absolute and sole discretion. I make my own determination as to the sufficiency of such services. In the event of medical or fire services being summoned in emergency for reasons attributable to me, the cost thereof shall be paid by me whether such service has been called by the venue staff of some third party or myself or otherwise on my behalf.
    • As legal guardian of the aforementioned registered family members, I hereby agree individually to provide for the possible future medical expenses which may be incurred by my child as a result of any injury sustained while training at, or performing for PGS programmes.
    This acknowledgement of risk and waiver of liability, having been read thoroughly and understood completely, is signed voluntarily to its content and intent. I promise not to sue.

    I expressly agree that this Waiver is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Qatar and shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Qatar. In the event that one more clauses of this Waiver is found to be unreasonable, unenforceable, illegal, or overbroad by a court of competent jurisdiction, I agree that the Agreement will remain in full force and effect except for the unreasonable, unenforceable, illegal, or overbroad provision, the remaining portions shall remain in full force and effect.