Our Basketball Academy will offer to the kids the knowledge ofthe fundamentals of the game, will help them to gain the agility, the speed and the strength training that is necessary in order tobuild the basic skills and develop self-confidence and social values to the kids.

Programmes shall include personal and grouptraining, camps and clinics at every school break, 3x3 competitions, basketball leagues and tournaments for every age group. The Academy will provide basketball curriculum based on European standards and will offer beginner practices on basketball fundamentals and advanced practices on drills and game tactics. Games and tournaments on a frequent basis will be the highlights of the program and will keep the interest of the players and their families in high level.


Our Basketball Academy will offer services to girls and boys age 6 to 18 years old, although programs for adults training can be also available at a later time.

Our services will appeal to the kids that are keen and striving to improve their knowledge and skills in basketball, plus to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle.